Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm an addict.

Have you ever tasted popcorn made from one of these genius contraptions?!
When we were in Louisville, visiting a friend, we munched on some Whirly Pop Popcorn and it was a life changing experience.  We went back to Stephen's parent's house and I was raving my love for the Whirly Popper to my mother in law when she told me that she happened to have an extra Whirly Popper that we could HAVE.  Oh. my. stars.  
Since then, it's been love.  Not only do I love just regular popcorn, popped and then lightly salted, but I've been introduced to the Kettle Corn recipe that makes amazing popcorn right in my kitchen.  This is bad people, really bad!
Another thing that I think will add to the (good) badness of the Whirly Pop is the Cinnamon Popcorn Crunch recipe that I eyed in the recipe booklet that came with the popper. 

Dear Thighs,
Please forgive my love for this popcorn.


  1. Kari,
    I love popcorn. And I love making it homemade. I don't have a Whirly Pop (although everyone raves about it!), but I make it on the stove-top and it is excellent.


  2. So when you texted me the other day I was eating a whole batch of kettle korn myself, and just now I finished washing that thing again because Mike and I split a batch while watching a movie together. Comfort to my soul (and an extremely bad habit). Yum!


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