Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Memories

One of my most favorite DIY projects that I've ever completed would have to have been our wedding.  Stephen and I got married during our most favorite season on October 10 of last year.  My mom was quite the trooper as she helped me with almost every one of my DIY projects.  My best friend Donielle, and even Stephen ended up helping me a lot on some of my projects and at the end of the day, it was by far everything I could've ever wanted and more.

When my friend Traci got married in March of 2006 she took some wedding memorabilia and put it into a shadow box to display.  When I saw hers 4 years ago, I knew I wanted to do the same.  So, I waited until Hobby Lobby put their shadow boxes on 50% off sale and I went a bought one for $20.  I then proceeded to fill it up with great items for our wedding.
In it I have dried flowers from the day, 2 books of matches (in the upper right hand corner), Our invitations along with the response cards and guest details card, our program, and a decorative twig that was used on our table centerpieces.  2 things that are really near to my heart that are included are: the typed out "script" that Stephen took with him when he asked my parents if he could marry me and the index card note that he had stuck on my card with flowers the day we got engaged.  

I've hung the shadow box in our bedroom, appropriately above a marriage prayer that was a gift to us from one of Stephen's coworker.  I look forward to being able to look at this box 20 years from now and remember what a beautiful day it was and what an amazing thing that marriage is.


  1. that is so sweet, and looks great, especially for this time of year. like completely personalized and special fall decor!

  2. What a fabulous idea! What a sweet momento. We were married last September (2009) and you've just given me some inspiration to surprise my hubby for our anniversary! :)


  3. That's fabulous - what a sweet thing to see everyday :)


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