Friday, August 27, 2010


I mentioned that Stephen and I got a chance to head to Kentucky after we arrived back from visiting Alaska.  It was a bit crazy.  We walked into our apartment in Chicago at 12:30 am on Saturday morning and didn't go to bed until 3 (unpacking, repacking and eating a snack).  We woke up at 7:30 am on Saturday morning and drove straight to Lexington (my home of 8 years before moving to Chicago).  I know we sound crazy but I really wanted to spend time in Lexington during Stephen's 2 weeks away from work.  It is a place that is so dear to my heart because there are so many people there that I love so much.  Stephen is such a trooper and never complained about our lack of sleep or tons of driving just so that I could spend a measly 30 hours in this great place. 
One of my best friends, Katie, had agreed to having a cook-out at her house for us.  I knew that if I didn't try to get everyone together in one place that there would be NO way to that I could see even half of the people that I wanted to see.  So she planned a great cook-out, cleaned her house and got her backyard and deck ready for this shin-dig.  And wouldn't you know that that was the only day in weeks that the skies ripped open and it POURED?  That was okay by us because we just went right inside and enjoyed a close and intimate time together.  
There are not enough words that I could string together to tell you how much I love these people.  They know my heart and in the most important ways, they share it.  I see Christ in them and I follow Christ with them.  Despite moving 6 hours away (it isn't far, but it's a lot farther than the minutes I used to live from), I don't feel distant from them at all.  I was SO happy that I got to see them!

Not only did I get to see these amazing people but I also got to attend church at my old church home AND I got to see my Lexington Family (One of my greatest friends, Laura, her mom (another one of my greatest friends and old Bible Study leader and their family) as well as spend time with some of my dear teacher friends from my old school.  Our trip to Lexington left me feeling so blessed!

We left Lexington on Sunday night and I was able to enjoy the warm, sunny weather in Louisville at Stephen's parents pool the next following days.  My bffs Laura and Doni ventured to Louisville on Tuesday to enjoy a pool day with me - what fun!  

In Louisville we were able to spend great time with both of our families!  We enjoyed dinner with my family on Monday night (unfortunately I have no pictures from that - we need to get better about taking pictures with my family!) and we had dinner with Stephen's family on Wednesday night.

(Here's a picture of Stephen's 93 year old Noni with some of her grandchildren (+spouses) and great grandchildren).
If I felt blessed leaving Lexington, it's safe to say that I felt even more blessed leaving Louisville.  I am so overwhelmed by my amazing family and all my dear old friends in Kentucky - they are a constant reminder of Christ's love for me!  And to make things even better (can it get even better?!), when I think about my life in Chicago, I feel even more blessed!  God has really brought me new friends here that I seriously don't think I could've done this move without!  I am SUPER blessed to have such Christlike friends in this great city as well!

The moral in all this?  We were made for fellowship and love.  Where would we be without those loved ones around us?
I hope you take a minute to count your blessings and thank God for all the people He's brought into your life that remind you of His love.
Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. So glad you felt refreshed and blessed after your time back home. I'm thankful you're here in Chicago with me and that we share so many interests. Life wouldn't be the same without you here!

  2. Wow! What an amazing whilrwind adventure! What a sweet Hubby you must have. Mine would've been complaining about the lack of sleep. Your Alaska pictures are amazing and beautiful! What sweet friends you have in Lexington to throw y'all a big cookout party! You are blessed!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. Have a great weekend. You might need a nap after all that adventure.

  3. i know that we knew we were blessed when we were in lexington but do you realize it even more now that we have both moved away? because i do.

    i just love our lexington community and i hope to one day get to back at the same time and visit :)


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