Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm baaaaack!

Sorry for my brief absence...Stephen and I ventured to Alaska for a week and then to our old Kentucky home for a week and now we're back!  I have a lot to share and I can't wait to blog about our adventures this week :).

Meanwhile, I wanted to leave you with these...have you seen these?!?!  My brother-in-law was SO excited to share these with us before we left for Alaska but we didn't get a chance to watch them.  Then, on our way to Seattle I got an email from my friend Jen who also was sharing these hilarious videos.  If you've already seen them then you know how hilarious they are - if you haven't then please enjoy!  In order to appreciate the 2nd one you must watch the 1st one :).

A real news clip from the local news in Huntsville, Alabama

The remix....


  1. I had seen that first news clip, the remix is pretty funny too. So hard to believe this was actually aired on the local news!?!

  2. This is hilarious. What's crazy is that I was in Alaska the same time you were! We were on a fishing trip in Soldotna. My brother actually showed me this video while we were there. I almost feel bad for laughing so hard at it.

  3. My girlfriend showed me these the other day. I still can't stop laughing. It's sooo stinkin' catchy. hahah


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