Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends, Katie!  Her birthday isn't actually until tomorrow but I try to not to blog on Sundays, so today will have to do :).

I first met Katie the summer going into 4th grade as we were on the same recreational soccer team together (GO SHOOTING STARS!!!) ;)  We played soccer together off and on again up until high school and then we were in the same circle of friends in high school.  It wasn't until we were freshmen in college that we became close friends, and now I would say that she is among my top friends (Katie, if this were Facebook, I'd put you in my "top friends" section :) )


{the crayon smell in my beetle went to her brain...}
{we're great dance partners}
{my first and ONLY trip to Keeneland...HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!}
{we were looking high and low for the perfect Christmas tree}

Happy Birthday to someone who is amazingly similar to me in so many ways yet different enough to where we can hang out, live together and not get sick of one another!
I hope you have a great day tomorrow!!!
p.s. head over to Katie's blog and wish her a happy birthday!!!

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