Thursday, August 12, 2010

Burpies II

Meet my beautiful friend, Kate.  She's incredibly pregnant with her first baby, Maci.  I'm hoping that Maci decides to come into this world while I'm in Louisville so that I can meet her.  Because I'm anticipating meeting her, I decided I should get busy making something to give her.  That's when I decided to make some burpies, because they were so easy and quick to do the first time around.  I wanted to be sure to try and match the burpies to Maci's room, and thanks to JoAnn's, I succeeded.  Here are pictures of her safari room:

And here are pictures of her new burpies:

I'm super excited to give these functional yet oh-so matchy-matchy burpies to Kate!
Right now Kate is MUY pregnant (her due date is tomorrow) and I'm hoping that she isn't checking my blog...if you are, Kate, act surprised :).


  1. aw that room is so adorable! And the burpies match perfectly : )

  2. I came across your blog via your link-up on skiptomylou about your dish towels. Which, BTW, I will so be making very soon.
    The word Louisville caught my eye on your blog. I'm a KY girl too so I checked out your info and love all that you have to say about yourself!! I'm thrilled to meet you and hope you'll stop my way sometime. It's funny where this blogging world leads sometimes.


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