Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So evidently, I'm a slow one...

About a month ago, I got a sweet email from Bonnie at Creative Decorating on a Budget informing me that she was giving me the sunshine award this week (that being the week of 7-20)!  How nice of her!  
Thank you, Bonnie!!!
The rules are simple!
(1)Thank the blogger that gave you the award!
 (I FINALLY did this)
(2)List 7 things that people may not know about you! 
(interesting...I don't know if I can come up with 7 things, but I'll try...
(3)Pass the deserving award to 15 bloggers that you have discovered! 
(This is going to be really hard, and I hope you won't think what I'm doing is a cop-out!)
(4)Make sure they know you have given the award! 
(I do my best...)

The seven mysterious things about Kari...
1. I HATE taking naps.  I'd rather get everything done that I need to get done and go to bed early.  I hate when I do take naps how the next day at the same time, I'm sleepy and my body wants me to take a nap again...

2. I don't like to take off my socks and shoes once they're on for the day.  Weird? I know...I feel like once my feet are in my socks, if I take them off and then put them back on they're all stretched out and get bunched up in my shoes and it drives me nuts...let's all say this together: "A-NAL".

3. I can't get into my bed if my feet are dirty.  It grosses me out.  As I'm typing this I'm beginning to wonder if I have feet issues.

4. I fold my underwear.  I don't know if you do, but evidently, not everyone does.  When I went to college and lived amongst some of my best friends, they made fun of me because I folded my underwear.  I was so confused because I thought it was something that the whole world did...apparently not.

5. My husband and I went to high school together and were best friends.  I had a mega-sized crush on him the whole time and while he tells me he doesn't think I did this, I know that I told him repeatedly that I liked him (and now can we say "desp-er-ate"?).  Not only did I tell him that I liked him but I also asked him to Junior AND Senior prom - I was relentless!  It should be known that I did NOT ask him to date me when we were freshmen in college and I did NOT ask him to marry me when we were 25...he did those things :).

6.  When it comes to what I like and what I want, I'm a pretty decisive person (see #5).  I rarely struggle with knowing myself and figuring out (if faced with a decision) what I want.  That can be good AND bad...what does GOD want for me???  Sometimes my decisiveness gets in the way of His voice.

7. I really like to wake up and lay in bed for awhile.  I've always been like this.  There's nothing better to me than waking up and having the time to just lay there and slowly prepare for the day ahead.  This has somewhat gotten out of control since I've moved to Chicago and have had nothing to get up for :).

Blogs that deserve the Sunshine Award:
Here's where I may get on your nerves.  So, I went through my list of blogs that I follow and I just had too many to start listing.  I love to see all the different perspectives and ideas/inspirations that are out there in blogland.  I finally decided that my Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs were all blogs that I would give the Sunshine Award to.  So, if you're reading this and you've been a recipient of my Magnificent Blog mention, then you're a sunshine-y blog in my book!

Thanks again, Bonnie!  It was fun to do this and I hope I didn't tweak the rules too badly in not listing out specific blogs!

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  1. I've received your Magnificent Monday Blog - so thanks! It was fun reading your list. I completely agree with you on #6. I'm the same way and sometimes it's not a good thing! Also, loved reading about you & your husband in H.S. That is so cute - sometimes it pays to be persistent!


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