Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let's Shed Some Light On It

I scored this at the Salvation Army for $8.
After spending $3 for spray paint, $2 for a lamp finial to hold on the shade, and $3.50 for fabric I got a beautiful new lamp for my guest room!
I first used Alissa's tutorial to recover my lampshade:

(before adding the trim and spray painting the base)
I then spray painted the finial and the base as well as trimmed the shade...and VOILA!:

And just so you can see her in action (as well as shots of the room):

(There she is in all her glory to the left of the picture)


  1. that looks SO good! you've inspired me. i need a lamp for our guest room and i'm totally doing this!!

  2. So that's what you did with your green fabric! What a huge difference. I am really loving the brown trim with the green fabric. Glad the tutorial worked!

  3. I love the lamp! And I love the room! :O)

    ~ ~


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