Monday, June 14, 2010

Heck Yes! Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Why?  Why not?!

{1} I start summer classes today...ugh.  The class that I have tonight (from 4:30-8:30) is entitled, "Philosophy of Education in the Urban School Setting".  YAWN.  The books (4 - 4 books, YES, 4 books!) that I had to buy for this 7 week class are entitled, "Aims of Education", "Democracy of Education", "Experience Education", and my all time favorite: "Existentialism in Education".  I have trouble even saying the first word in the last title, let alone trying to read a couple hundred pages about it.  This may be a long 7 weeks!

{2} We're headed to Columbus, OH this weekend for Stephen's cousin's wedding.  I'm very happy about it because the wedding is on Friday so we have a 3 day weekend :).  I'm also excited because we'll be heading to Louisville on Saturday afternoon so that we can spend some time with both our families before we have to head back home.

{3} I'm having a hard time dressing myself here in the Windy City.  Last week we had temperatures of 80s with humidity (ugh) and this whole weekend and today it's been in the high 60s to early 70s and drizzling.  I'm so confused.  So are my clothes.

{4} I had the privilege of playing Settlers of Catan this past Saturday night and let me tell you - I LOVE IT!  I can't seem to get enough of this game!  I'm planning a trip to Barnes and Noble so that I can purchase on for my home.  If you've never played this game (and you like board games) then you have to play it.  Just ask one of my close friends, Anne!

{5} If you've actually clicked on my "exercise diaries" at the top of my blog then you're probably wondering what is going on with my running regimen.  So are my legs.  I have found that if I'm being disciplined with what I eat then I have a hard time being disciplined with my exercise schedule.  If I'm being disciplined with my exercise schedule then I struggle with my eating.  Is this just the excuse I tell myself?  I started WW 3 weeks ago and have been very pleased with my results and discipline.  While I've made sure to include a couple miles walk a few times a week, my running has completely subsided.  I bet Richard Simmons can't wait to get his pesky paws on me!
Happy Monday!


  1. wow, that class sounds like the single most boring class ever---i'm very sorry for you that you have to take it!!
    we are coming to chicago this weekend so i hope the weather gets awesome before then : )
    Lots of people at my church play Settlers but I never have! Maybe I'll have to ive it a try!

  2. please don't ever post a picture of richard simmons again. ever.

  3. Ooh, that class sounds kind of it for a masters?? And I totally hear you on the weather!! My Mom was here for the weekend and the rain and cold was so annoying! I was really poorly dressed all wkend because I couldn't figure out how it went from almost 90 to freezing cold and damp overnight!! Ugh.

  4. you are one motivated gal! that class sounds like a winner! ; ) i'm sure you will do well! your temps sound wonderful... it feels like 105 here. i prefer not to go outside when it's this hot and humid. i'm in love with settlers! it's super FUN!

  5. Hope your class goes well! That board game looks fun!

  6. Yay!! I'm so glad you discovered Settlers! We will have to play next time you're in town. We even have the expansion pack so we can play with up to 6 people! Ok, I'm a nerd. Anyways, I feel you on the running thing. My discipline left town when the hot and humid weather showed up.

    Also, on a more serious note, I miss you. Yesterday I NEEDED to talk to you like never before. But I couldn't because there were a million things going on. But hopefully we can talk sometime this week because I may go crazy. Ok I love you and hope you have a great day :)

  7. oh my goodness... i LOVE settlers!! that's like the best game EVER!!


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