Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My favorite haircut of all time...Part 2

If you're really confused by this, you may need to go here and read this first.

Check out smart and sophisticated Blanche:
Look at that sass!

What great sex appeal!

Full of spunk!

Check out Kari's version of the smart and sophisticated Blanche:
Look at that sass!  That white turtleneck and denim jumper almost can't even contain the sass that is seeping from my bad-self!

What great sex appeal!  All the other 3rd graders thought so too!  (the fake gold teddy bear charm hanging from my necklace and the ring on my chubby little finger is what really pulled the sex appeal look!)

Look at that spunk!  I can even make a graffiti wall look dang good! (check out my magnetic earrings that pulled my look all together)

and last but not least...
If Blanche played soccer, she wouldn't have looked half this good!
I was sassin' up my Shooting Stars uniform!

Eat your heart out boys!

{p.s. there are SO many good stories that stem from this trendsetting haircut...stay tuned!}


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i just don't even know what to say. i'm dying here!! i am SO glad you shared these pictures.

  2. My Day. My Week. My MONTH has been made. I have been waiting for far to long for this reveal.

    Thank you Kari :)

  3. also i just wanted to mention that no one in the world loves this story as much as me. no one.

    if you tell the rat-tail tale i will be forever indebted to you.


  4. KARI - I've been missing these pictures for almost 15 years! I love the backdrops, man, we thought we were really cool posing in front of skateboarding dinosaurs. I miss that version of you...any chance you'll get a tribute haircut in honor of the late, great Blanche?


    i may put one of these pictures up as my facebook image.... just sayin..

  6. Such a fun post Kari - the trading cards are priceless!

  7. What a happy thing to come home to! I love these pics - they add a whole new dimension to the story :)

  8. Joy! This makes me so happy!


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