Thursday, June 3, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

I was blogging around this morning when I fell upon Andrea's favorite things list over at Life in Dawleywood when I was inspired to make my own list of my favorite things :).  Here they are in no particular order, just a random collection of things that make me smile :-D.

My favorite movie of all times!  When I was younger, I watched it so many times that my sisters worked together to steal it from me and hide it so I could no longer watch it (they must've been sick of watching it themselves) :).

My two favorite colors :) - it's funny because I love both of these colors so much and could look at things that are shaded in them for hours, but I don't particularly love them together, only when they're a part. 

I love to go for walks.  I think it is so peaceful to either go alone and listen to my IPOD or go with someone else and have a good conversation.

We all know about my love for these little guys...I would take one home with me in a heartbeat!

I love to read and I don't do it enough!  I can get lost in a good fiction book.  Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers happens to be one of my most favorite books of all time.  If you're looking for a good Christian fiction book to read, I strongly encourage you to read this book.  While you're reading it, go on ahead and read the book of Hosea alongside and look at the similarities.  This book is based off the book of Hosea in the Bible.

Oh my stars, I could eat Garrett's caramel popcorn for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and then I would have to constantly wear sweatpants because any fitting pants would never fit me again!).

I love a good worship song, and the actual act of worshipping.  Give me some good worship time and I feel refreshed (love me some Hillsong United!)

You guessed it; I love to laugh!  I usually laugh the most whenever I'm around this girl right here:
(that's my bff, Doni)

I love Young Life camp, especially Rockbridge.  I think I love Young Life camp so much because it's the closest thing to Heaven that you can experience here on earth.  There's no doubt that Jesus is there, as He is everywhere, but you can especially feel His presence at YL camp!  If you've never heard of Young Life, I encourage you to check it out!

I really love all of my Lexington friends and miss them terribly on a daily basis!  I am blessed to call them my friends and feel that I'm a better person and follower of Christ because they are in my life.  (p.s. I stole this picture from my friend, Jenna's blog because she's the bomb dot com). 

Ahhhh!  My 3 favorite restaurants (in no particular order)!  I could just rotate throughout the week and I would be a happy little camper!
My lipstick of choice :).

I could go on and on and on and on, but I will spare you!  Why not make your own post showing your readers all your favorite things!  If you do, make sure that you let me know because I would LOVE to read about things that you love!
Happy Thursday!!!

P.S. With a heavy heart I learned that Blanche from the Golden Girls passed away today.  In honor of her life, I will be writing another post about her soon.  Until then, enjoy this post regarding what she meant to me.


  1. Okay I L.O.V.E. your list!! I read Andrea's blog too, and thought this was so cute!
    I started Redeeming Love and I'm really looking forward to finishing it this summer. My copy looks a lot different than that one, though--I barely recognized it!!
    And Cheddars?! Um, YUM! I went to school in East TX for a semester and was introduced to it, but haven't had it since I left. Wow, I could really go for some of that right now!

  2. i loved that book by francine rivers too!! so good!!

  3. Great list! I was literally going down the list nodding my head and saying "yes.... yes" LOL. My BFF's name is Doni too! Crazy!

  4. Oh Kari!! How sweet to mention me in your fun little blog! I wish you would come to Lexington right now! I need some laughter in my life at the moment =) Love you! (and look! I can read and post comments without a blog! toot too!)

  5. What a fun post! I too love The Sound of Music. Pretty much the best movie ever :)

  6. Love your list and LOVE Hillsong!!!

  7. kari. you know what we all need to see on your golden girls blog. don't dissapoint :)
    i like you.
    and we love all the same places to eat. :)

  8. I thought of you this morning when I heard about Blanche. Are you doing okay?

    Next time we are together I know exactly what we should do...ready?...are you excited? idea I've had all day...go for a walk, while having a good conversation, on our way to eat chiptole with friends from Lexington and to talk about Redeeming Love. On our way home we pick up some popcorn to have something to eat while watching Sound of Music and wearing our orange (you) and green (me) PJs!!!!

  9. What a fun post! I've read Redeeming Love, and it is wonderful!! Going to peek around your blog for awhile, if that's okay! :) shaunna

  10. You have the BEST list! I love most of those as well. I LURVE orange, and I actually JUST told my DH I'm going to paint a room in my house green - probably lime green. We shall see. I also love to read.

  11. Hi! Found you through New Friend Friday, and following along ... :)

  12. yay for this oober fun post!! I completely agree with you on many of your favorite things, like sound of music, worship songs, fun! Happy Friday!!

  13. Visiting you from NFF!!

    I LOVE your list! We have very similiar likes -- especially The Sound of Music! Isn't that like The Best.Movie.Ever?!

  14. Kari,
    I know you're about to freak out on me, but I've never seen the Sound of Music.


    Next time you come to visit...

    Are you coming to Louisville this weekend? Come sew with us!!!!!

  15. i adore chick-fil-a and hate that the closest one is about 45 minutes away. if i ever move to florida i will have one much closer :) they have some healthy options too!

    -newest follower :0)

  16. Your list is awesome!I am visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative so come along and follow me!

  17. Hi, I am following you from FF!!! I am your newest follower! I also LOVE the sound of music! I hope that you have a great weekend! Nice to meet you.

  18. I love your list. The Golden Girls would have to be on my list. Rue gave me a lot of good laughs over the years!

  19. PS. If I hear about that book one. more. time. :) I's on my list.

    I know, I need to get back in to reading....

  20. Ah, Garrettt's! A family favorite of ours long before my sister moved to Chi. We always made sure to get some to take home. We were pretty bummed when they closed the one on Mich Ave to make room for the Ritz! Luckily they still have the other ones! Now I'm craving popcorn. . .


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