Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas Projects

I've decided to make a lot of Christmas gifts this year mainly because I really enjoy sewing and creating so much that I thought it would give me a nice excuse to take a break from the busyness around me and work on them.  I've already started and almost completed 4 gifts because I knew if I waited that my plan of peacefully sewing would end up with me stressfully pulling my hair out and wondering why I had put myself through this :).  One of my favorite sites to check every day is Sew4Home.  A lot of my projects have come from their awesome tutorials, but they also showcase fabric every so often.  A couple of days ago I was checking their site and I was SO excited when I saw that they were showcasing this new fabric from Michael Miller:

I was mostly excited by these two fabrics in the Italian Alphabet Collection:

These fabrics are so perfect for Stephen's 93-year-old Noni.  They're perfect for her because she is a tiny little Sicilian lady who loves to bake biscotti and do things in the kitchen and this fabric is full of graphics with their Italian names next to them.  

I knew I had to buy both of them to make her a Christmas present.  As soon as I saw them, I immediately thought back to the reversible apron that I made for my sweet friend, Katie in August.  I was so frustrated when I couldn't seem to find the cream fabric anywhere but luckily I found someone on Etsy who was selling both for $7/yard which was perfect for me!  I'll have left over fabric from the apron, which I'm planning on making dish towels for Mom C.  I'm SO excited and hope that these fabulous ladies love their Italian inspired Christmas gifts as much as I'm excited to give them to them :).


  1. Kari - I'm so excited that you are making Christmas gifts this year! I want to make all of my gifts - but there are some people on my list that I'm not sure what kind of homemade gift I could give them. We need to discuss this!

  2. That sounds like the perfect Christmas gift!! I am making quite a few gifts this year too... lots of laptop cases from Char's tutorial over at Crap I've Made.

  3. Kari - I am so glad you posted about this fabric. Oh my gosh - I love it! And how is it that I only found out recently that Stephen is Italian? I'm Sicilian too - 1/2. I can't wait to make something with this fabric. Did you see the apron on sew for home with the black fabric? It's so cute. I think I'm going to try and make it for myself after I get through all the Christmas gifts I need to make. And, sew for home is AWESOME. I know you've mentioned it before but I never really checked it out until today. I can already tell that it may become my new obsession!


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