Friday, October 22, 2010

DIY Wedding Fun - Part 4

Table Centerpieces

I was engaged for a year and a half...I had a lot of time on my hands!  So, what I did to pass time was I made my own table centerpieces.  The picture above shows just one of the two different centerpieces that I used on the tables (the others were lanterns).  I went to Michael's and bought a bunch of wooden frames for $1.  I also purchased a pack of fall themed scrapbook paper and I Mod Podged all the different fall designed paper onto the frames.  I then took baby and little kid pictures of Stephen and I and I filled the frames with these pictures.  The frames were accompanied by Mason Jars that a lady at church let us borrow and we filled them with coffee beans and a votive candle.  With the candle lit, the hot wax dripped down into the beans and really filled the tent with the wonderful aroma of coffee and vanilla (the scent of the votives).  We simply finished off the jar with left over ribbon from the invitations...those to come soon!  All centerpieces were surrounded by fall leaves around them (and a menu of the meal served) to add some more color to the table.  The picture frames could be made for ANY occasion, as I've given them and seen them be given for birthdays.  The mason jars could be made for any special occasion that you have coming up to help create an intimate setting in your own home.


  1. i love unique ideas for fillers around candles. i have a big pillar candle at home surrounded by coffee beans (thank you pottery barn catalog, you're so full of inspiration - i just did it on the cheap) and i recently saw a sweet christmas filler idea - split peas around a red candle! so cute! thought i'd share. i love your craftiness, kari!

  2. Great ideas Kari. I think I will have to try the coffee beans & candle idea at home!


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