Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh. Em. Gee.

I've been having trouble with my computer charging lately.  I couldn't figure it out, except that I knew it was my charger (I have the exact same MacBook for work and also my own personal one and they were both having the same troubles), but I was thinking it was maybe the outlet it was plugged into.  If any of you out there have a Mac laptop, you know that when you have your charger plugged in, your computer screen gets a bit brighter; when you unplug it, your screen dims a bit.  On Thursday morning, I was getting so frustrated because while my computer was plugged into the charger, my screen was having it's own light show - flash brighter, go dimmer, flash brighter, go get the drift.  Son of a gun!  I tried everything.  Powered my computer down; powered it back up.  Unplugged the charger from the computer; plugged it back it.  Nothing was working.  That's when I was convinced it was the outlet that my charger was plugged into.  I swiftly unplugged it, thinking of another outlet I could try it out in when my attention was caught by this:
Do you see it?  Let me zoom in a bit closer....

The inside of my cord had burned right through to the outside...ay yi yi!  I'm so fortunate that whenever this happened, that nothing caught on fire!  I know from the picture it just looks like it was split open, but there are dark burn marks there, my friend, dark burn marks.  YIKES!  Thankfully, like I said earlier, I have the same computer for work and I have a charger for that computer so I'll be able to use that charger for both my work and personal computers.  Thank goodness!  Has this happened to any of you guys???

In other news... last year I gave up Diet Coke for Lent.  Before I gave it up, I was drinking waaaay too much of this stuff.  When I gave it up, I got used to drinking a lot of water and would sometimes supplement with powerade or other drinks with a little flavor.  When Lent ended, I decided that it was much easier to keep myself from drinking Diet Coke than it was for me to try and limit my intake.  It's been over a year, and I haven't touched DC since.  Sometimes I'll let myself enjoy a good Diet Sierra Mist or Sprite and while those are good, I don't love them as much as I loved DC so I don't drink them that often.
One day a couple of weeks ago, Stephen and I were perusing Wal-Mart (sorry, Melissa) when we saw this interesting, no calorie sparkling lemonade.  We grabbed a few 2 liters and as soon as we cracked into one, we knew we were in love!
They have a couple of flavors (Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Lemonade and Pink Lemonade)

Has anyone else tried these bad boys out?  They're only available at Wal-Mart, because I believe they're made by them.  Both Stephen and my small groups love this stuff, and we agree - it's good!  Our personal favorite is the Strawberry Lemonade, with the Peach Lemonade coming in as 2nd best.  If you haven't tried this stuff, we definitely recommend it!

Okay, enough random rambling for the day!  I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!  I'm working on a project that I can't wait to share with you sometime next week!


  1. mmm i would love to try the peach lemonade!

    thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on my gallery wall ~ i really appreciate it!

  2. They have blueberry one that rocks! I was surprised that Walmart made them. Good looking out.

  3. I got 4 bottles today and was excited to try them. Took a sip of the Cherry Lemonade and was immediately disappointed, they're loaded with aspartame (sweetener), my tastebuds were not happy. I love the flavor ideas so I wish they would write 'diet' on the bottles and then come out with a regular version.
    Especially the blueberry lemonade, sounds delicious!

    Also, the same thing happened to my power cord last year, during finals week! We broke open the adapter, re-spliced the wire, electrical taped it together and closed the adapter with duct tape. It still works better than the new cord I bought.


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