Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Husband's Candy Obsession

Do you remember when I shared with you how much my husband loooooves candy?  He's the president of his very own candy club and he loves to find others who share the same love, passion and knowledge that he has for candy.  Not only does he LOVE candy, but he also loves to save a dollar here, there and everywhere.  While I call his habits borderline cheap, he likes to refer to himself as "thrifty".  Sure, we'll go with that for now.  With his love for candy and his spend-thrift ways, Stephen prides himself in visiting any and every drug store, retail and grocery store after holidays to get a deal on candy.  In fact, before Valentines day, he went through his candy stash, carefully organizing it and taking inventory.  The kid had to figure out what he already had and what he "needed".  He was armed and ready for the after Valentines Day sales after that.

The worst time for my husband and his thrifty-candy ways is right now.  We're in the very beginning of the "Candy Drought" as he sorrowfully calls it.  You see, the Candy Drought is the time after Easter and until Halloween - the time where there is no major candy holiday.  With my husband's sweet tooth having a special addiction to Peeps (and all marshmallow candy), you can understand why he is full of candy-sadness during this time when there are no Peeps peeping their way onto the grocery store shelves.  Before you go feeling all sorry for him, please know that he does all that he can to make sure that his personal candy addiction is well tended to.  He made his way to Target after work one day and picked up a few "essentials".  We then headed to another Target and he pridefully scored many bags of Easter marshmallow (what everyone needs) bags for 10 cents a pop.  This past weekend I was in Walgreens and I went to the candy aisle (he's trained me well) thinking that surely all of their Easter candy must be gone.  Boy, oh boy, I was wrong!  I hit the Peep stash and I was so excited to bring home my sugary-Sugar (did you get that?) some Peeps.  Check out the treasures that I got:
I believe there were 5 packages of the pink peeps, 3 of the orange, 2 of the green and 1 of the yellow - and some soft marshmallow suckers and chocolate covered marshmallow eggs for good measure.
That's right, and I scored all of this for $4.50....
I think I saw tears in his eyes when I presented him with this gift of love!

What about you?  Does your husband have any quirky ways (you're super duper lying if you say, "No"!)?

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  1. LOL...super cute story! My boys were super excited when I brought home Reese's peanut butter 12 cents each..I couldn't get enough! LOL
    My hubby...hmm, thank God he doesn't obsess over candy, I'd be 300 pounds! LOL


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