Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Elliott's Blanket

I finally finished Baby Elliott's blanket!  Now all that's left is the fitted crib sheet.  This kid's nursery is going to be styyyylin'!

I used this tutorial at Sew4Home except made my blanket 36x50 instead of 36x36.  

Here's a recap of his nursery bedding all together so you can see how cute it is:
The crib skirt

The bumpers

I'll be sure to show you the fitted sheet whenever I get a chance to make that!  When the whole nursery is up and running, I'll be sure to share pictures with you!


  1. Wow Kari - you did a great job!!! Everything is super cute!


    - Posting as Anon b/c Blogger has not been letting me comment on any blogs...Grrr.

  2. elliott is one spoiled little boy already! an aunt that is hand making his bedding-- what a lucky boy!

  3. Whoa you sewing diva! Those are great! So flippin' cute! Just lookit 'em!! hehe Great job as usual Kari!

    ~ ~


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