Monday, June 27, 2011

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs 64

It's been a whole week and I've been MIA...SORRY!  I have been busy with grad-school and I split town on Wednesday (I'll share my adventures with you in a bit); the good news is that it's actually Monday and I'm getting the Magnificent Blog to you on the right day (who cares if it's towards the end of the day).
If you've found yourself eyeing that Goodwill dresser or the yardsale coffee table, then A Few Good Pieces is a blog that's right up your alley!  My mom and dad are playing around with the idea of getting new dining room furniture and potentially handing their current set to me.  I'm super giddy at the idea of saving money by not having to purchase a set for myself and also at the potential that this furniture has!  With that on my brain, I found myself "oooooooo-ing" and "ahhhhhh-ing" over at A Few Good Pieces.

Like, for real, check out this dresser!  I'm loving it!

I've played around with this idea of painting the bottom of the table white (as well as the chairs) and staining the top of it dark.  Thoughts?

I'm loving the pop of color that this dresser brings and the ornate detail of fun!

I love the wood detail on the top of this first coffee table!

Get your booty on over to A Few Good Pieces and be inspired...your husband might not appreciate the spurring of new thrift store trips that this blog will cause :)

Happy Blogging!

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  1. You are too sweet!! Thank you for sharing about A Few Good Pieces :) You just made my day!!


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