Thursday, June 2, 2011


So last week before Stephen and I split town to go to Pittsburgh the weather here in Chicago was anything but nice.  In fact, on Thursday I had to bust out my winter coat because it got down into the 30s.  Yep.  You just read that correctly.  Stephen had checked the weather for Pittsburgh during that week and told me that it was warmer there - in the 70s.  Cool, exactly what I wanted.  So, while I was packing I was thinking 70s.  I'm the fool that didn't check the weather right before we left to make sure that it was still what I had originally thought.
Fast forward.
We arrive in Pittsburgh.  It wasn't in the 70s.  In fact, it was in the 80s, humid and reached 91 on Monday when we left.  I was sweltering in my jeans.  Stephen, trying to help, suggested that I wear the dress I wore to the wedding in the car for our ride home.  "You'll be more comfortable..." hmmmm...I don't know about that.
Our whole drive back to Chicago, I didn't know what to expect when we arrived.  Would it be cold?  Doubtful, considering it had felt as though we were hanging out in a giant's mouth the whole weekend.  My curiosity was satisfied when we arrived back on Monday night and it was hot.  Stuffy.  Ugh.  Stephen and I don't have a/c - we have window units that are a pain in my tush to put in.  Needless to say, with 30 degree temps, those units hadn't been installed yet.  So we opened windows and took it like a man (who really says that?).  Tuesday was hot also.  Like, walk outside and never receive an ounce of coolness - just H.O.T.
Yesterday was beautiful.  I was LOVING every minute of yesterday's weather.  It was in the high 70s, close to 80s and just sunny and breezy.  Yes, please!  This morning I woke up feeling the chill in the air...checked the temperature and it was 55.  I am so confused.  My body doesn't know whether or not to sweat or goose bump up.  It's really gonna be thrown off its kilter when the temperatures hit the 90 degree neighborhood like they're calling for.  I'm not quite sure what season it is - is it fall?  is it winter? is it summer?  Nope.  It's spring - unpredictable and crazy spring.  With that I'll leave you with some spring-ish pictures I took a couple of weeks ago in the'll make me feel as though it's a steady spring out there (does one of those even exist???).

Some tulips doing their tulip thang outside of Stephen's office

Every year, sometime in April, the Macys on State Street (otherwise known as the old Marshall Fields) has a flower show inside the store.  There are hundreds of gorgeous flowers all over the place!

How's spring springin' in your neck of the woods???


  1. Kar, you should know that we are in full-fledged summer south of you. Our tulips came up in March. CRAZY!!!

    This weekend is our frisbee tournament and we're going to have heat indexes over 100 tomorrow. RALPH!!

  2. What pretty shots you should link up to I should be folding laundry!


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