Monday, June 6, 2011

Magnificent Mondays: Magnificent Blogs 61

Kim over at Savvy Southern Style has just that - some savvy southern style!  What I really love about her blog is how she has decorated her home in this style without breaking the bank.  Kim offers wonderful inspiration to decorate beautifully on a budget.  Go Kim, go!

I fell in love with Kim's blog as soon as I stumbled upon her Sun Room.  I love all the yellows, reds and different elements that she has going on in this wonderful room.  If I knew where she lived, I'd come over and just hang out in her sun room...okay, that's creepy, I probably wouldn't (but I would) :)

I'm also loving all the different fabrics Kim chose when she was "styling" her sister's porch.

The repurposed frames look absolutely stunning with the new life that was given to them.  Makes me want to go to the thrift store right now and snag me some...too bad they're not opened at the moment!

Oh, and check out this awesome sideboard that now looks amazing thanks to some blue paint and Kim's touch!

Waste no time and head on over to Savvy Southern Style to grab some southern inspiration for your home!

Happy Blogging!

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