Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being blown away...2011 Chicago Blizzard

Let me tell you how crazy this weather is...it's CRAZY.  The sky is dark, the wind is blowing something furious and the snow is falling.  I feel like the world is coming to an end!  I took some video footage to capture the beginning.  This was take at 2:30pm central time when the craziness had really started to pick up.  3-5" have already fallen, leaving the worst of the snow to happen tonight.  Chicago Public Schools have declared a snow day tomorrow - the first one in twelve years.  Both airports have cancelled both incoming and outgoing flights.  The malls have even closed, for goodness sake!  According to the local news channel (abc7chicago), wind gusts could get up to 30-60mph which could lead to waves measuring 14-20ftbook.com freezing over on Lake Shore Drive.  Tonight, they're calling for snow falling 2-4 inches an hour with thunder snow!  Did I mention it's CRAZY?!

The wind is blowing, and it might take me down with it.  I'll be sure to keep you updated, assuming that I don't get blown away.


  1. Isn't this storm crazy?! It's made its way across the lake and it snowing like crazy here and the wind is unbelievable! I kind of feel like my house is going to blow away. We are supposed to get 12 - 18". Not as much as you guys but still a lot! My office decided this afternoon to close for tomorrow so I'm a happy girl.

  2. I remember the snow day 12 years ago. We lost power and heat...outside was colder than our fridge, so all the food went outside.

    We ended up going to a hotel for heat. Stay safe

  3. i miss your voice.
    remember when you and ash used to try to teach me to talk southern? well i'm real good at it now :)
    hope you stayed warm today!


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