Friday, February 25, 2011

A look into what's been going on around here...

Do you remember this little 'beaut that I picked up outside a private Jewish school this past summer with my friend Amy???
It sat in our apartment for months and months and months while I was waiting for the inspiration to do something with it...

This past weekend, JoAnn's had a President's Day Sale and all their upholstery fabric was 50% off...I found all the inspiration I needed there:
I fell in love with this fabric for a multitude of reasons.  First off, It's a little bit different than what I have going on right now, while incorporating all the colors of our family room.  Secondly, I've been wanting to add in some shades of blues into our home - this does the trick!  Lastly, I fell in love with it because JoAnn's had it there in the store.  I walked up (more like took a number and waited in a really long line) to the cutting desk and they cut away at it.  I went home a happy camper!

This is a little bit of what my chair looks like right now - except for it's looking even more rough now.  All the fabric is off (except for the front of the back) and I've managed to pry off the criss-cross wood design on each leg.  My only regret?  That I didn't pick up two of these free chairs when I had the chance!

I've got an itch and I can't help but scratch it!!!
p.s. I officially hate little staples.


  1. Noooo. I'm so jealous. Maybe we'll start working on ours this weekend even though I have a million things to do!

  2. I can't wait to see how it turns out. And how the reupholstering goes. Let us know if it's not too hard to do!

  3. HELLO MRS. Kari Wanted to drop by and say hello... that I miss you and love your blog


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