Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Happy Fan

I'm sure that you remember how much of a Steelers fan my husband is.  With that being said, we were all ready to host our second Super Bowl party, and we were even more ecstatic that the Steelers were in it this year!  Stephen and I are both in our own small groups through our church that meet on Sunday nights.  His small group meets at our apartment every week while my small group takes me to my friend, Laura's apartment.  We decided that this year we would combine both small groups (and their significant others or friends) and watch a fantastic football game together!  Let me tell you that we went as far as to get a new television for this event.  It went a little something like this...
me: "Don't you think that the Steelers deserve to be watched on a big screen in their 2011 Super Bowl debut????"
Stephen: {in awe} "yessssssss..."
We did a bit of research, talked with some friends and finally made a decision to purchase a great flat screen T.V. from  I was SUPER pumped...until the Blizzard of 2011 kept our television from being delivered on time resulting in us canceling the order altogether {crash. burn.}  Thankfully, Stephen has a great friend who agreed to letting us borrow his T.V. (did I mention that he's a great friend?) so that Stephen could see his beloved Steelers on the big screen.  I started decorating early and got off to a good start, but the apartment needed more.  Here are some shots of our party preparations:
Stephen has a plethora of Steelers shirts!  We used some of them for decoration :)

The Steelers beach towel that I got him as a wedding gift came in very handy as part of our decor

Proudly holding up one of his many terrible towels

Inside our china hutch you will see the official terrible towel from the 2009 Super Bowl where the Steelers triumphed over the Cardinals.  You will also see some of Stephen's Pittsburgh Steelers mug collection and his empty box of Champion Crunch Cereal featuring Hines Ward.

When you got to our apartment door, you were greeted by the Steeler's daily trivia question regarding Stephen's favorite player: Troy Polamalu

We hung up Stephen's laminated Pittsburgh newspaper picture of the team praying from a previous season.

No Super Bowl party would be complete without a Steelers cake!

and when you cut into it...
black and yellow, black and yellow...

Now, for my favorite picture of the night....
That's right ladies and gentlemen...Troy Polamalu showed up at our Super Bowl Party!  WOO HOO! Much to Stephen's dismay, I ordered this wig on amazon and it showed up at our apartment on Saturday afternoon.  Stephen went along with my madness and wore it to answer the door and greet new arrivals to the party.  He also wore it on and off during the game.

Here we are after the game.  You might be wondering why we're still smiling so big, even despite the outcome?  Here's Stephen's thought process on the whole thing: there are 32 teams in the NFL, which means that there were 30 teams that did not even make it to the Super Bowl. The Steelers did.  Not only did they make it but they had a huge season: AFC Champs and the Best Defensive Player of the Year award.  Despite the Steelers losing the Super Bowl, Stephen was so proud of his team and the nail biting game that they offered their fans.  Did they play their greatest?  We don't think so.  Did they have a great season?  That they did!  One thing my husband is: a Steelers super fan.  One thing he is not: a poor sport.  He is proud of his team and he's already looking forward to next season!

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